Commissioner Results

A Lifetime of Results and a Record of Protecting Westmoreland County Taxpayers

Throughout his professional career and personal life, Chuck has committed his life to service and has a lifetime of results. As a Colonel in the Marine Corps, community leader, husband, father and now county commissioner, he has proven that he can be trusted to fight for us.

A proven fiscal conservative, he has worked hard as the minority commissioner to push the county to reduce spending, reform county government and better prepare our county to compete for good paying jobs for our families…

1. Never voted for a property tax increase and is the leading advocate for county taxpayers

2. Called for an across the board cut in county spending and was the driving force to reduce county spending. Chuck took a stand when county spending was not reduced enough by voting against this year’s budget

3. Drives his own car and spurred the effort to change the county vehicle policy to force county commissioners to drive their own cars

4. Fought for job creation and economic development in the county through expanded job training programs by opposing anti-small business mandates passed by the majority commissioners and by continuing to hold the line on property taxes for our small businesses and working families

5. Listened to local taxpayers by visiting nearly every municipality in the county and will continue to be accessible to you – the taxpayer

Paid for and authorized by Friends of Chuck Anderson.